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Icicles: A Film By Elizabeth Rose A Project of Shorts


On a cold January morning in Quebec's Eastern Townships, Marion and her daughter sit by Marion's mother's deathbed. When Marion leaves the room for the first time in hours, only to pee, she lingers a second too long and misses the moment of her mother's death.

The film is a drama with naturalistic comedy, about a middle aged mother who inflicts the pain and trauma of her own relationship with her complicated mother on her daughter until her daughter can no longer take it.


This is a personal film, about mothers and daughters and the unwitting emotional pain they inflict as they try to save themselves from each other. The tone of the film is a tightrope walk of comedy that grows from sadness and darkness. The film is an interplay between the protagonist and her adult daughter while the emotional weight of the loss of their matriarch hangs in the air.

The film is anchored by Marion, inspired by my mother, grandmother, and a other important women in my life. My grandmother was an Austrian holocaust survivor.

It is about the heritability of trauma, and how our relationships with our mothers are then imposed, wittingly or not, on our daughters. It takes place in the rural Eastern Townships outside of Montreal where I spent much of my childhood, a place where the biting winter winds sometimes confine people to one another's company whether they like it or not.


Elizabeth Rose is an American-Canadian screenwriter, director, and producer of fiction and documentary film. She is an MFA candidate in Screenwriting and Directing at Columbia University in New York City.

This film will be her thesis. She has written and produced shorts that have shown at TIFF, Telluride, and sold to HBO and Canal+ and worked in documentary before coming to Columbia. She received the inaugural Alex Sichel Fellowship at Columbia for a promising female filmmaker who embodies "bold vision, acute intelligence and overall curiosity and vitality".
She champions strong female characters in front of and behind the camera and is the co-chair of Columbia Women in Film, a student group that advocates for and empowers female filmmakers within the Graduate School of the Arts, and she teaches documentary filmmaking to Columbia undergraduates.

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