Help me tell my story...

to the 8 million with ADHD who have it, yet have never been diagnosed.

ADHD Documentary "Are You ADD?" A Project of Documentaries

Did you know there are roughly 8-10 million people unaware that they have ADHD in the U.S. alone?

Did you know 45% of those are in the prison population at some point in their lives while millions of them are addicted to drugs and alcohol?

Did you know they can do extraordinary things once they learn to manage their ADHD?

Now, imagine if we could reach them and give them hope to manage their ADHD and therefore their lives. I believe we can via this documentary. Awareness is the first step.

That's why I'm asking you for your support in getting this film as wide an audience as possible. As an adult who went undiagnosed for 53 years, I'm in a unique position to share my story with those struggling right now with that same unseen foe. Once a adult with undiagnosed ADHD recognizes that there are proven effective treatments and they can regain control over their lives, there will be no stopping what they can achieve.

We are raising funds to pay production costs for an autobiographical documentary about the life of the director, Wes Gray, who went undiagnosed with severe ADHD for fifty-three years. It covers his struggles with ADHD symptoms throughout his life in school, work and relationships. The film will end with how being diagnosed brought him hope and a passion to spread awareness about the reality of ADHD. The film features some of the leading experts on ADHD such as Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Edward Hallowell.

We have raised $1,540 on Indiegogo of our $30,000 goal to finish production on "Are You ADD?" Now we need your help to give whatever you can to make this happen. The same perks as for the Indiegogo campaign apply here, they are:

Just Want To Help

Any amount $5 to $25 USD: A lot of people have expressed that they would just like to help by making a small contribution and don't necessarily want a perk. That's awesome, every contribution is appreciated! We still want to give you a perk, so at this level we'll will send you Wes's story in PDF format and give you a shout-out on twitter for your help.

Crew Member

$25 USD: You are the reason this film will be made! Thank you for being part of the team. You will receive a link to the streaming version of the film. Plus all previous level perks. Ships Worldwide. ESTIMATED NOVEMBER 2017


$50 USD: At this level you receive ... A credit as an advocate on our webpage, a DVD of the film, plus all previous level perks.
Ships Worldwide. ESTIMATED NOVEMBER 2017

Early Bird Adopter Bonus

$45 USD + Shipping: The Early bird gets the worm they say... but we thought you'd like a $5 discount off the Advocate perk and all it's perks PLUS a signed book by Dr. Edward Hallowell. Limited to six contributors.4 out of 6 claimed Ships Worldwide
Ships Worldwide. ESTIMATED NOVEMBER 2017


$100 USD: Directory listing of your ADHD related site or practice on the "Are You ADD?" web site permanently. In addition your name and/or business will be featured in the credits. Plus all previous perks.2 claimed
Ships Worldwide ESTIMATED NOVEMBER 2017


$250 USD: You are officially a Co-Producer of the film and will be acknowledged in the film credits. You will receive IMDB credit and your name/business will be featured on a bonus DVD as well as the website directory. All previous perks as well. Ships Worldwide.

ADHD Resource Bonus DVD

$500 USD: If you are a ADHD coach, counselor, or have a service or product that would be helpful to the viewers of this film. Your service or product will be expertly edited from your source material then added as a bonus feature on the DVD under the menu "ADHD Resources" This will be mentioned at the end of the film. We plan on promoting the film at festivals and add more distribution through multiple channels.
0 out of 30 claimed. ESTIMATED NOVEMBER 2017

Executive Producer

$1000 USD: A contribution of $1000 or more makes you a Executive Producer with full IMDB credit in the film, All previous perks except the ADHD Resource Bonus DVD offer included. 0 out of 4 claimed
Ships Worldwide.ESTIMATED NOVEMBER 2017

$65 Raised
1% towards $28,000 Goal

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  • Shayne S.
    I Gave $50
    Thank you for committing to this. I have always suspected that there was something wrong with me. I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I'm 43.
  • Silhouette
    I Gave $15