Fund Community & Audience Outreach Projects

Back to Eden A Project of Documentaries

Although the film is complete, the Back to Eden cast and crew continue to steward Back to Eden Film as they feel called to. Your support enables us to continue offering the following:

FREE ONLINE STREAMING: Our hope is to stream the full feature film, Back to Eden, online for FREE 24/7 INDEFINITELY! Thanks to Vimeo, we are able to stream the film in High Definition (HD), keep track of our audience, amount of views, and embed the full film on for a nominal yearly fee. Help ensure this goal!

FREE SCREENING KITS: Our goal is to give out FREE SCREENING KITS to people around the world! The screening kit has everything you need to publicize for a screening including posters, fliers, business cards, and a press kit!

FREE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: We receive several requests each month for Back to Eden representatives to attend public speaking engagements around the world. Of these requests, we are only able to attend a few. Our goal is to have a Back to Eden Film representative for every request!

FREE GARDENING WORKSHOPS: The Back to Eden Team would like to continue helping organizations organize workshops in targeted communities around the world. These workshops often include implementing a Back to Eden community garden and a community screening of the film!

FREE DVD GRANTS: We want the people that need simple, sustainable, solutions for growing food to be blessed! Thats why each year the Back to Eden team will DONATE 100 BACK TO EDEN FILM DVD's to non-profit faith-based & agricultural organizations, hunger-aid programs, schools and public libraries.

We appreciate your support!