To help raise the funds needed to shoot in Cuba, and produce a documentary short film that will examine the refugee experience as I seek to uncover the history of my own family, and answer the question we all ask ourselves, “where do we come from?

A Refugee's Heart A Project of Documentaries

My name is Arleen Milian, and I am a Cuban refugee who has been residing in Los Angeles for over forty-five years. When I was two years old, I arrived in the United States with my mother and aunt via the "Freedom Flights," an undertaking that saw nearly 300,000 other Cubans make their way to America. Now, with the reconciliation of diplomatic ties between the two nations, I'm planning on returning to Cuba to explore my roots, find my true identity, and seek closure with the father I never knew.

While this is a personal story, the refugee experience is a universal one. We all know what it feels like to be on the outside, of one's country, one's family, one's circle of friends, even one's own self, trying to fit in, to connect, to be whole again. It is this existential challenge that the short will explore and document.

To be honest, what's most exciting, and scary, is whether this connection will be able to be made, whether I'll be able to answer that question of where do I come from? Who am I? No matter the emotional, psychological, and political obstacles that I will need to overcome, and no matter whether I'm successful or not, the entire process will be captured for all to see and experience.

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