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Wild About Hank is a short documentary film about Hank the cat's renowned race for the Virginia U.S. Senate seat in 2012. Though Hank's candidacy began as satire, it quickly became a serious endeavor, taking Virginia, the country, and the world by storm.

With Hank's eloquence, humble history, and Maine Coon class, Hank turned thousands of disgruntled voters into energized patriots as he created a campaign based on positivity, solutions to our country's issues, and giving back to the community; Hank's campaign raised over $16,000 for animal rescue organizations!

Wild About Hank honors Hank's inspiring legacy and questions the state of politics. Have politics become so feral that citizens would rather vote for a cat...than a human?

Wild About Hank is currently in post-production and will premiere in 2016.

Who was Hank?

Hank was an 11 year old Maine Coon cat who was rescued from the streets as a young kitten, with his mother and five siblings, only to face execution by a shelter. Animal Allies rescued him along with his family and placed them in foster homes. Once Hank's brother was adopted, Hank's foster parents decided to keep him.

When Hank ran for the US Senate seat in Virginia against Tim Kaine and George Allen as an Independent, he became an overnight sensation. He was featured on TV and in newspaper interviews around the world, and he raised over $16,000 for animal rescue groups. Hank's story still inspires many people today, and his fans continue to stand up for the ideals he believed in.

Why create Wild About Hank?

Hank's story and beliefs have never been as important and relevant to society as they are now. As a politician, Hank wanted to bring people of all political backgrounds together to solve our issues with clarity, intelligence, and decency. Wild About Hank is a way for Hank's ideals to live on. The film will help continue to inspire and educate people of all ages and political affiliations to listen to one another and to work together towards solutions to our country's issues.

Film Distribution

Wild About Hank is aimed at a general audience. The film producer plans to have grassroots screenings of the film that will be accompanied with raising money for animal rescues. Additionally, the film will be submitted to film festivals and will also be available to schools and organizations for education and discussion.

Why donate to Wild About Hank?

We need your help to complete this film as soon as possible. Hank's beliefs, such as positive campaigning and working together to solve our country's issues, are more relevant than ever with the 2016 election. We need Hank's story to continue to inspire the public and leaders as soon as it can. All donations to the film are tax-deductible. Funds will go to color correction, audio mixing, promotional materials, screenings, film festival fees, film equipment, and more.

About the Director

Emma Kouguell is a documentary filmmaker with a love for storytelling and cats. She has had a number of special kitties in her life, including her childhood cat Rosie, two tuxedos named Sammy and Betty, her furry nieces Mimie and Maggie, and of course the exceptional feline candidate, Hank. Emma has created award-winning films and content for a number of outlets, including Maryland Public Television, WETA Television, the Hillwood Museum, and the National Science Foundation. While in post-production for Wild About Hank, Emma is also collaborating with the Humane Society of the United States and the Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University on a smaller video project, which tells the story of a rural vet clinic at the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. Emma is an adjunct instructor and MFA Film candidate at American University.

Additional Crew

  • Director/producer/editor: Emma Kouguell
  • Cinematography: Zan Gillies
  • Sound: Ryan Blocher, Ted Hogeman
  • Sound: Shayna Muller, Anna Northrup
  • Production Assistant: John Mooney
  • Film Music: Paul Oehlers
  • Trailer Music: Ian Alex-Mac
  • Art Director - Film Materials: Anne King
  • Website Design: Anthony Roberts

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    Emma Kouguell (Director/producer Wild About Hank)


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