Extinction - and what we can do about it

All My Relations A Project of Documentaries

ALL MY RELATIONS tells the story of the parallel decimation of native wildlife AND people in the US - but how they now perhaps are making a comeback, together. The film follows 3 iconic American wildlife species almost driven to extinction, with a chance at recovery thanks to Indian tribes that consider them their relatives. Relegated to lands once considered marginal, tribes now [ironically] possess some of the best, untouched, large ecosystems left and - with unique powers vested in their treaties and widespread social support - find themselves stepping into increasingly vital roles as stewards of America's natural heritage. In helping their relatives, tribes are also finding ways to re-connect with ancestral identities, cultural practices, old economies and greater self-reliance and pride.

ALL MY RELATIONS seeks to engage global audiences in the question of what has gotten us to this ecological point, in the early hours of an extinction crisis - and what we can do about it. It also seeks to empower the communities that live on the front lines of American conservation today - and youth in particular - to safeguard our resources for the next 7 generations. Despite marginalization, the tribes in the film are proving that one need not be rich or powerful to do the right thing.

ALL MY RELATIONS is a feature documentary being produced by Searching Pictures. The film is 90% shot - but is seeking support for post production, to pay for expenses like historic stock footage and stills, transcription and music. More details about the film and filmmakers can be seen at www.allmyrelationsdocumentary.com

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    Best of luck on this important film!! Footage looks beautiful.
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    This is looking amazing and we can't wait to see the full-length version! - Alex & Nathan
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