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JOE238 A Project of Documentaries

On November 26, 2000 Jess and Theresa Chairez lost their 24-year-old son, the city of Sacramento lost a well respected police officer and the world lost an exceptional young man. Joe Chairez, badge #238, died spontaneously while on duty. Joe had it all. He was handsome, young and driven by a real passion to help those in need. Then suddenly, he was gone.

As Joe lay brain dead, Jess was faced with a monumental decision no parent should have to make. Through his struggle to satisfy Joe's last wish, Jess is transformed into a man determined to carry on his son's legacy of compassion and service. We follow Jess through his non-stop public awareness efforts and watch him shine as a beacon to donor families at the U.S. Transplant Games.

In coming together to honor and celebrate Joe 16 years after his death, his giving spirit shines through the grief and brings healing and peace to those who miss him the most.

Joe continues to help others through the legacy of love and service he left behind.

Help us tell his story.


The Production and Editing of the Joe238 Documentary is being funded through private donations. The team at JOE238 has been following the story for the past 3+ years and the film is in the post-production stage. Specific sponsorship opportunities are listed below. Tax-deductible donations of any size to support the film are welcome. A letter acknowledging your contribution will be provided for tax purposes.

We can't finish without help. Any size donation will be greatly appreciated. Please help see JOE238 completed in the way it deserves to be. Sharing this link with others can make all the difference. Please share it! Thank you!

Our goal of $6000 will be used to complete the following:

1. Complete the NEW TRAILER we showed at the Fashion Car Gala by adding news footage from Joe's accident and memorial. You cannot believe the trouble we have encountered getting permission to use this important footage! (Thank you Brandon for your amazing editing skills!)

2. COLLABORATE and review all the footage with our fantastic new story consultant Dani (you'll love her! she's a writer, filmmaker, double lung recipient and totally cool!). This is a tremendous process, but we have narrowed down the footage to about 20 hours (from 100+ hours, thank you Kyle!) and everything has been transcribed.

3. Piece together a ROUGH CUT of the entire film. We have arranged to show the rough cut to folks involved in organ donation, law enforcement chaplaincy and the film industry for feedback.

4. MARKETING and Social Media.

We have come so far in following this story! After 4 years, our filming is finally complete. From capturing Jess at the U.S. Transplant Games in Houston, Texas to interviewing the heart recipient's wife on a mountain top in Mexico (in Spanish!), the dedicated crew behind this film has been unstoppable. We've had numerous challenges, but found a way to show up and get the job done at every opportunity! As soon as we raise these funds we can get going. We're ready! With everyone's help, we can reach this goal!

Donations of $25.00 or more will receive an 11 x 14 Joe238 tattoo print painted by Sacramento tattoo artist Alex Garcia. Thank you Alex!

Please share the story behind JOE238 with the kids in your life.

His name was JOE

Roses: Everyone loved him!

Badge #238: As a police officer he dedicated his life to serving his community.

Butterfly: When he died, he chose to donate his organs to help others.

4 Stars: JOE saved 4 lives!

Documentary remembers fallen officer 16 years later

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  • Scott D.
    I Gave $50
    I met Joe i believe twice. He was a fine young man and a brother to my nephew and niece. Our loss was Gods gain
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  • Cindy Y.
    I Gave $50
    I'm retired SSD. Thank you for your service Joe. You are not forgotten.
  • Shirley P.
    I Gave $15
    In honor of the donor or donors whose peripheral nerves are transplanted into my leg. Parts of you may be in my leg, but you're forever in my heart.
  • Chris W.
    I Gave $100
    Congratulations! I saw the first part at CRC and met Joe's parents. This is an important story to get out there. Chris Wagner