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TRIBULATION DIARIES, a Christian web series

Your Contributions:

Thanks to the fiscal sponsorship of From the Heart Productions all contributions are 100% tax deductible, whatever the amount. You will be provided a receipt for your gift from FTHP. It's our way of giving back after your support. If you are unable to donate at this time please share this with others. We appreciate everyone's contributions, be it thoughts and prayers, sharing this with your family and friends, or helping us raise the funding that is needed for this project to happen. At the end of the day it still costs money to make a movie.

The Story:

A man in his 30's becomes a new Christian and is fascinated by the rapture and the tribulation plus the persecution of Christians, so he studies on it. When he witnesses people being arrested at a Church he believes in happening now. He decides to document everything on video using GoPro, handheld video camcorders, cell phone and social media. Reaching others for Christ and fellowship. This leads to an underground Church starting up which he documents as well. Still reaching out to others around the USA, he edits all the videos together for others.

The Concept:

The idea for this movie came up while thinking of a Christian movie that would be something like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, Unfriended and more. Seemingly traditionally done only for horror films, I wanted to change that up and come up with a Christian movie done in this style. Tribulation Diaries was the result, please help make this happen.

The Budget:

The $5000.00 we're currently raising for TRIBULATION DIARIES will be used to cover the pay for the actors that come on board for episodes as well as production costs including locations, equipment, etc. We will continue fundraising opportunities with fundraising events and Investors if needed to continue the series. We are hoping to start filming ASAP and hope to release the first episode before winter 2016.

The Talent:

Aaron Allen: Co-Director/Producer/Actor/Writer

Aaron is a filmmaker and the founder and owner of Extreme Christian Entertainment,

which was created in order to provide those of faith an avenue in which to address difficult and

sometimes uncomfortable subject matter. His first short film, Foster Home, was released in 2014

and is currently available on ChristianCinema.Com.

Tom Dallis: Director/DP

Tom is an American film director, producer, editor and scriptwriter. He has produced dozens of documentaries and features including the award winning films Through A Lens Darkly, The Fall Of Jericho, We The People, The Character Of A Nation, Ancient Ways, Future Paths, The Shortest Way Home, and the science fiction short film Watcher: Revelation.

We'd like to thank you for your time and consideration regarding TRIBULATION DIARIES. Please do what you can, contributing and/or sharing. You have our sincerest thanks.

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