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A lot of y'all are asking: when does the next episode come out?!?! Well, here's what's up: We have 4 more episodes written for Season 1, but still need your help to finish filming them. Episode 1 cost us $2,000 to feed our crew, rent our equipment, and buy props. We even had some cash left over to pay a few people. Our dream is to raise $20,000 to film the rest of Season 1, and here's how we'll spend it:

While we were able to stretch money for Episode 1 quite a bit, our dream is to pay our entire crew (which happens to be nearly all female). Anything you can give will bring us closer to giving YOU more episodes!

DILF Diaries is a feminist response to 50 Shades of Grey, placing the utmost importance on consent in any sexual relationship, and especially those involving kink. The story follows Victoria, a feminist artist who takes a job as a nanny after her creative pursuits prove fruitless. She is immediately attracted to her hot, single boss, and starts to explore the idea of sexual submission. How does she reconcile her desire to be dominated by her male boss with her outspoken voice against the patriarchy?

Hey! I'm Laura VanDenBergh - the writer, director, and main actor of DILF Diaries. As a feminist who also happens to enjoy being sexually submissive, I've dealt directly with the internal and external conflicts of introducing kink into a relationship. I had to overcome the shame of wanting to be dominated. Was I a bad feminist? Should I block this out and pretend like it didn't exist? Wasn't that just suppressing my own desires? Could I actually be in control as a sub? Why couldn't I just be a Dom? Doms are so cool...

I tried to read 50 Shades of Grey, and all it did was make me incredibly upset. Not only was real consent completely absent, but it embodied everything that I hated about the mainstream concepts of sexually submissive women: that we are submissive in all other aspects of our lives, that we live to please men, that we can be coerced into doing things that we aren't entirely comfortable with, that our pleasure comes second.

But hey, this isn't erotica (not that there's anything wrong with that)! It's a project that tackles real, important issues aside from sexuality. We're covering subjects such as body positivity, raising children respectfully, and so much more.

You will eventually be able to view all episodes of DILF Diaries on (under construction).

Many of you have followed me on my journey to create DILF Diaries. If you've enjoyed reading my Facebook posts, I urge you to donate a few bucks. Not only can I promise you a super steamy webseries, but also one that pushes back against harmful social norms. #helpusmakeitHOT

We also have product placement slots available. Please contact to discuss our options. Here is what we are offering for large donations:

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