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Conversations on the Camino: A walk to ignite hope worldwide A Project of Other Projects

Did you know there are over 800K suicides worldwide per year? Yes, it was a shocking to me too and I wanted to do something about it. My name is Melissa Carter and my mission is to ignite a worldwide conversation around Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention and I need your help to do so!

I am taking this conversation on the road to demonstrate that it takes one step to ignite hope. Putting action behind your hope will create the space for things to be different. It can can be different. Please join me on my journey as I walk to ignite hope for those suffering through conversation, connection and community.

The Project – Conversations on the Camino: A Walk to Ignite Hope

This project was created out of desire to make an impact in the lives of people who may be struggling with depression, suicide, doubt, fear and pain. I wanted to demonstrate what the others side can look like by speaking out despite the fear, despite the shame, despite the false belief you are alone.

Through conversation and acton. I am dedicating my walk of 70+ miles across the Camino de Santiago in Spain to inspire hope, build community through conversation and ignite a safe space worldwide for people to come forward and share their stories.

I want to be hope in action and share my struggle with depression and suicide and the tools I used to transform my life. My wish is to change the conversation from fear to love and spread that love and joy. My goal is to raise $8,000 to be donated to American Foundation of Suicide Prevention as well as a college scholarship for, my partner for this passion project and various Pay it Forward Initiatives along the way.

Asking for help takes bravery and we need to remove the stigma around Mental Health Awareness and depression to encourage more people to reach out for the help they need. I want to inspire people who are struggling, hurting or scared to reach out.

In today's society, we are not always comfortable to speak out about our struggles, thoughts, pain and suffering for fear of seeming weak or as if something is wrong with them.

We can do a better job as a community to support each other and know we are not alone on this life journey. Let's start that conversation today.

If you are hurting or in danger of hurting yourself please reach out for help. The links below are resources available to you. Please speak out. You are not alone and can be supported.

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Your donation will help make an impact in the lives of those who need our help. Please share this page and help us create a larger conversation that it can be different, you are never alone and in community founded in love we are strongest.

Donations will support:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Three $1000 Art Scholarships for #iamHoldenOn

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If you're thinking about committing suicide, please read Suicide Help or call 1-800-273-TALK in the U.S.! To find a suicide helpline outside the U.S., visit IASP or

More on Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter is the founder of " IGNITE WITH MELISSA", LLC. She holds an MBA and is a former music industry corporate executive turned Life Empowerment Coach & Intuitive Guide. After years of morbid obesity preventing her from tying her own shoes, depression, failed relationships, and a core belief system of not being "good enough," Melissa embarked on a 150-pound weight loss journey that inspired a career and life transformation. Melissa recreated her whole life from the inside out. Facing her deepest fears, demons, and past through her Believe.Commit.Live process she rewrote and rewired her thought patterns, self care practice and belief system that now supports her living a powerful life. A life of purpose, love, abundance and contribution. She now pays forward what she believes is a second chance at life through her Life Empowerment and Strategy coaching practice. Through her three-step approach to life, Melissa is confident that you can transform YOUR life to be anything you want as long as you BELIEVE.COMMIT.LIVE with love, integrity, dedication, and gratitude and of course a KEEP IT REAL and POSITIVE attitude. For more on Melissa and Ignite withMelissa go visit her Official Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and Website!

More on HOLDEN ON & Tamlin Hall

Tamlin is the writer/director/producer of the upcoming young adult feature film, Holden On, and founder of the teenage suicide awareness art initiative, #iamHoldenOn, to help prevent suicide through art for teens. Tamlin and his team are currently developing an iamHoldenOn art curriculum in high schools across America to coincide with the release of the movie. Tamlin holds a MFA from UCLA in screenwriting and is a coveted HUMANITAS Prize winner for television writing ( Tamlin recently directed a special performance production of The Aliens, a play written by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Annie Baker. Tamlin is based in Los Angeles with his wife, Estibaliz. For more Holden On and iamHoldenOn photos, trailers, music, research, info and behind the scenes, please go visit their Official Facebook Page and Website!

Keep sharing. Keep believing. Keep Holden On.

More on MaryKate "MK" O'Donnell:

Mary Kate "MK" O'Donnell:MK is the designer/head dreamer at Dream Big Pajamas and Melissa's Trip Encourager. She's spent several years in New York's television industry, lending her talents to ESPN and The Late Show with David Letterman. Currently, when she's not designing pajamas, you can find her working in publishing. A strong believer in love and connection, MK loves to look for ways to serve the greater good. For more on MK and Dream Big Pajamas go visit her Official Facebook Page and Website!

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  • Georgina C.
    An amazing effort, your work and support for people deserving of love and support at their lowest ebb is the definition of empathy and 'giving back'.
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    Keep fighting the good fight!
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    Love you!
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    Inspiring Mel!
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    Congrats on your achievement on Camino and for raising awareness on this issue that hits close to home for so many. Lots of love!
  • Andrea G.
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    You are an inspiration. Holding you in my heart :)
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    Blessed to have crossed paths with such a true spirit. Thank you for this!!
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    Keep Rockin Mel
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    You're an inspiration, embrace the joy you're providing others.
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    Thanks for bringing attention to a good cause. Much love to you!
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    Wishing you the best on your journey! Love you!
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    Keep on keeping on!!
  • jessica n.
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    Thank you for walking to raise awareness. It is a cause personal to me.
  • Mary Kate O.
    For all the you are and everything you do! Thank you for being an angel here on earth! All my love! MK
  • Chase Y.
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    Have a glorious time on your walk! This is a cause close to my heart.
  • Rachel W.
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    Bennett says, "Go walk!!" Good luck and please know we are so proud of you for your bravery, honesty, and vision!! You're doing a great thing!
  • Silhouette
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    Melissa YOU are such an inspiration! May this pilgrimage carry your message far beyond the 80 mile journey to circle this world with awareness & hope!
  • Lindsey  R.
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    Personal freedom, progression, and passion! May this path strengthen and brighten the light within you!!!
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    So extremely proud of you!! Awesome opportunity for an amazing cause!! Rock it girl!! Love you!!
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    Shari Castelli
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    I'm so proud of you, Melissa! And I'm privileged to know you. Good luck, and may your growth expand to impact the world on even greater levels! xoxo
  • Michelle T.
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    Congratulations Melissa! I love that you're doing it. It's possible that I will give a little more later!
  • Charlie W.
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    Enjoy the journey!
  • Silhouette
    Such an important cause! I am in awe of your untiring passion and innovation! Go girl ;)