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Organic Morality A Project of Documentaries


Organic Morality will rebrand the visual image of urban youth's social consciousness by teaching them history voiced from the leaders of yesteryear.

The Organic Morality visual campaign gives people a chance to reach the Millenials and give them a positive voice of hope and change. A trans-media project, one part documentary, one part music, one part historical speeches, one part statistical data.

A one of a kind visual campaign of social awareness that exists on multiple content platforms such as online, in movie theaters, not excluding downloadable music on iTunes and live performances.

To know where we are going we have to… Know where we have been.


WE believe there is a need for empathy for the social injustices that are effecting Urban America - the trendsetting and taste-making aspect of your global consumer base.

The social morality of today's urban and rural youth is a failing
experiment in human depravity and the magnitude of this issue has been more than deadly over the past year.

It has been the clear breakdown of the heart, the love for one's fellow man and the basic respect that every life has a value.


The Organic Morality campaign is composed of 5 parts:

FILM - The film version connects all of the visual and audio portions of Organic Morality for a 50 minute cinematic moment. Film festivals and community screenings.

MUSIC - The music with the speeches and the instrumental of the film will be given away to the masses for free.

ONLINE CAMPAIGN - Organic Morality has over 100 online clips with statistics and historical data that will be disbursed as "snackable" content via Instagram, Facebook, and Itunes. From social media contests, various social media promotional campaigns, and the use of statistic information to engage and encourage conversations online.

POP UP GALLERIES - Organic Morality Pop Up Galleries will happen in select cities. The gallery is a mix of photography, statistics, music, live dancing, and downhill. Organic Morality will work with local non profits and community stake holders to bring people together to discuss the need for racial and religious harmony.

STREET TEAM - Organic Morality will take a very traditional means of "physical" engagement by attending high school as well as college events, skate parks, poetry events, sporting events giving out merchandise, bottles of water and other items. Spreading the message of social harmony, human connection and peace.



Organic Morality will engage over 50 high school events and over 50 college events across the country in the spring of 2017. By giving away the film's soundtrack, music videos, promotional merchandise, along with Pop Up galleries at local art events and sports tournaments.

Using social media influencers Organic Morality will reach over 1 million eyeballs. Promoting film screenings, online contests, events and the over all message of social change.


We believe by using music, art and history we can have a great impact on the out look of urban and rural youth. By empowering their minds with American History and the wisdom of the great leaders before them.

GOAL - Organic Morality will engage 50 high schools and 50 colleges as well as HBCUs and action sports events such as skateboarding, BMX and motocross.

IMPACT - Organic Morality's message will reach 3 million young people ages 15-25. Engaging them in the discussion of the future of social awareness via historical speeches and the need for them to develop their own moral base.


We are scheduling for a budget of $250,000 which will cover

  • postproduction and finishing costs
  • marketing launch & social media campaign
  • festival consultations and entry costs
  • college and high school tour
  • pop up galleries

$2,060 Raised
1% towards $250,000 Goal

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    Libby and Len Traubman
  • Silhouette
  • Silhouette
    great concept, great music, great artwork, I love the movement...need more video/visual imagery
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    We need this message and these voices more than ever before.
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    I think this is a message that is long overdue.