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Project Invisible: A Power Anthem for Older Women A Project of Shorts

Musical video shines a comedic spotlight on the invisibility of older women

"Old age ain't no place for sissies." Bette Davis

Project Invisible is a power anthem for older women; a musical video that shines a comedic spotlight on the invisibility of older women in our society. Created by Joan Larason and Amy Rubin, two Boston area improvisers, Project Invisible was born after Joan began to sing to people who ignored her in public. Amy calls it "musical cruelty."

The video short is built around a song with original music by composer Stephen Gilbane and with lyrics by Larason & Rubin. The video is being produced by The Women in Comedy Festival (WICF), directed by Michelle Barbera, co-founder of WICF and

We are raising money to cover production costs, including hiring actors who can actually sing! The video will be widely distributed online in the Spring/Summer of 2017, following a premier at a local venue.

Project Invisible - a big,bodacious video on behalf of older women everywhere.


$10 - refrigerator magnet

$25 - refrigerator magnet & invisible pen

$50 - All of the above plus we will sing for you

$75 - All of the above and we won't sing,but you can be an extra in the video

$100 - All of the above and co-producer credit

$200 - Free improv show at your next party for up to 25 people

Other - we'll get creative


Project Invisible Power Page,

Women in Comedy Festival

Michelle Barbera;

Stephen Gilbane

Gifford Productions

Lioness Boutique

Creative Haverhill

Stan Czesniuk Photography

New Tricks Improv

Naughty Nanas Sketch Comedy

Elderberry Jam Improv

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  • Silhouette
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  • Joan  L.
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    Thanks to Joan DiPace for her generous $50 donation. She rocks!
  • Silhouette
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    To prime the pump
  • Debby  R.
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    I'm available to sing, and I'm over 40.
  • Silhouette
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  • bari o.
    Seen the preview, can't wait for the movie!
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  • Silhouette
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    A gift in honor of Joan's 70th birthday! Can't wait for the premiere! (I do want to be an extra and am hoping for an anthem flashmob scene!)
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    I look forward to the singing gift
  • Isabel P.
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    Kudos to these Golden Girls on Steroids!
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    I'm really looking forward to this!
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    You two are the best.