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The Nuns, The Priests, and The Bombs A Project of Documentaries

The film follows a community of nuclear disarmament activists who are willing to endure long prison sentences and even risk death, because of their deeply held conviction that nuclear weapons are immoral and illegal. It also follows efforts at the United Nations to negotiate a new Treaty that would prohibit the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons.
On July 7, at the U.N. in a vote of 122 to 1, the new Ban Treaty was adopted that outlaws nuclear weapons. We were honored to have our film screened in the Trusteeship Chamber of the United Nations. Our sponsors were the Permanent Mission of Ireland and six faith-based Non Governmental Organizations. We would like to show the film throughout the country and the world. We are in need of financial support to help with marketing, promotion and distribution.

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    Congratulations on making such a powerful film!
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    This film is a shining example of persistence, passion and true holiness--all beautifully told.
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    God bless peacemakers, one and all.
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    A vital documentary.
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    To raise awareness of the need for nuclear disarmament.
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    Nuclear weapons may be the end of humanity...
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    Bix was a powerful influence in my life. I'm grateful for the talent & dedication of those who created this film
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    With funding being cut we must support art and film! Direct action to a great project and come together for result.