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After being arrested for charges that are in violation of UN human rights standards, Monica Jones challenges the constitutionality of the Arizona laws limiting her freedom of expression and sexuality. This is a decision that unhinges her world and propels her to redefine her personhood and place in society. The film documents Monica's journey, considers what these changes cost her and what she gains including her flowering into a global icon for the rights of people of color and the transgender community. Find out more about the documentary at the film's website.

Why are we fundraising now? PJ Starr has spent two years filming with Monica and she still needs to shoot additional footage of her and of the people who have contributed to her journey. The documentary has another year of production. Additional costs include travel, camera rental, and hiring key crew members.

More about us: Filmmaker PJ Starr and human rights advocate Monica Jones first met 2012 in Phoenix, while PJ was filming her award nominated documentary feature NO HUMAN INVOLVED. Monica Jones was studying at Phoenix College at the time and provided invaluable advice on how to seek footage recorded by the courts in Arizona and on the experiences of transgender women living in Phoenix. Little did they know that Monica's own life was to become an extension of the themes explored in NO HUMAN INVOLVED. When Monica was wrongfully arrested in 2013, her case made headlines in the human rights world including at the United Nations. PJ continued filming--using all the advice that Monica provided about how to film in the court--realizing that her story needed to be told. The forthcoming documentary featuring Monica is a celebration of the human spirit to overcome adversity and her tenacity to advocate for people who have succumbed to the same injustices she has had to face.

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