The first anti-bullying, LGBTQ teen rock musical.

No one should be bullied for being who they are. Help change society one heart at a time.

OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE A Project of Feature Films

A contemporary coming of age rock musical set against the backdrop of a New York City public school.

OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE debuted on the stage as an off-Broadway musical in NYC in 2015 and had two successful, short runs with The Children's Acting Company. The Huffington Post praised the show, calling it, "A singing, dancing powerhouse punctuated by dialogue that feels true and real," and said, "The audiences, sold out for each performance, were an interesting mix of kids the same age as the performers, some even younger and some older, as well as parents, grandparents, and theater-goers who love a realistic story. The songs are completely infectious and fun, ranging in genre from rock and roll to hip hop. At intermission, the live band played a reprise and I heard several people singing along to them after just hearing them once. The play moves at a brisk pace that matches the lives of teenagers today. There was plenty of humor in the dialogue that effectively balanced the serious subjects tackled by the script."

Press coverage included: The Huffington Post (featured article and review), (front page and feature), NY1 News, The Advocate, GLAAD,, Theater Development Fund (, Broadway World, and more. Following this, two sizzle reels were created, filmed on location in a school, as well as a fully realized music video for "The Geek Rap" (filmed in Central Park, see below). The young, energetic cast is comprised of middle school and high school aged students, all professional actors who attend New York City's specialized performing arts schools.

Best friends Josh and Rachel's relationship takes a turn when the school cyberbully exposes that someone is gay in this modern coming out, coming of age musical set in a New York City school. Everyone likes Josh. He's captain of the football team and every high school that he's applied for accepted him. Rachel is one of the popular girls, but inside she's insecure. Suddenly, she can't stop thinking about Josh, and Josh can't figure out how to reveal his true self. The Viper, a preppy punk cyber-bully, uses his online blog to instill fear into the student body, lapping up the attention it brings him. When The Viper's Blog announces the impending 'outing' of a closeted gay student, the school is abuzz with speculation.

Lately there has been a lot of discussion around the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and articles around whether to allow middle school and high school aged children to watch due to the graphic nature and content. OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE is a film that families can watch together and openly discuss.

Never before has there been a greater need to promote tolerance from an early age and stop bullying before it starts. The filmmakers are dedicated to helping shape the narrative and the culture for kids who face social hurdles at one of the most difficult and confusing times in a young person's life. OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE features themes from unrequited love to cyber bullying to tests of friendship, and ranges from intimate duets to high energy dance numbers, to how kids navigate the untested waters of modern life, and redefines stereotypes through humor and original songs. Ultimately, a decision must be made whether it is easier to be someone else or to be true to who you really are on the journey to who you will become.

THE GEEK RAP from OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE was a Finalist in the prestigious 2017 UK Songwriting Competition in the Music Video category. Written & Directed by Ivy Vale.


"The dialogue sparkles as brightly as the song lyrics. The songs are completely infectious and fun ranging in genre from rock and roll to hip hop." -THE HUFFINGTON POST

"With an empathic message, fun soundtrack, and an enthusiastic cast, Out of My Comfort Zone hopes to further a worldwide social cause." - THEATERSCENE.NET

"If only I had seen a musical like Out Of My Comfort Zone when I was growing up, it would have saved me a lot of pain and heartache." - ARI GOLD, RECORDING ARTIST

"Rock musical schools kids on anti-LGBT bullying." - THE ADVOCATE

"People like avoiding conflict. They don't want to stand out too much, so they play it safe. Out of My Comfort Zone challenges this concept, promoting self-confidence and loving unashamedly." - THEATER DEVELOPMENT FUND

"Teenagers and pre-teens are stepping out of the box (for Out of My Comfort Zone)." - PLAYBILL.COM


It's more uncomfortable to be someone you're not than to be who you are. Be who you are.

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