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Bread and Puppet Documentary Film Project A Project of Documentaries

Bread and Puppet Documentary Film Project

A New Feature-Length Documentary
Robin Lloyd, Executive Producer
Directed, Produced, Filmed and Edited by Robbie Leppzer
A Turning Tide Production

Two veteran documentary filmmakers with a long history of chronicling social change
activism have teamed up to chronicle the venerable Bread and Puppet Theater this summer
in Vermont. Please help us launch production on this exciting new film!

Film Description

The Bread and Puppet Theater of Vermont has a 54-year history as one of the oldest, nonprofit, self-supporting theatrical companies in America.

Founded by directors Peter and Elka Schumann, the troupe is known for their huge paper-maché puppets who perform pieces with themes about contemporary social issues and savvy use of political satire.

Each summer, the theater performs Our Domestic Resurrection Circus and Pageant every Sunday afternoon outside in a natural amphitheater to live audiences at their farm in Glover, Vermont.

Apprentices from around the U.S. and the world come to Bread and Puppet to learn skills and participate in creating the live performances.

An extensive local community participates and volunteers for the summer shows and parades.

The film will show the "behind-the-scenes" process of how the Bread and Puppet Theater works and how the performances get developed.The documentary will portray the extraordinary experience of this amazing troupe of mostly young people from diverse areas around the world who come together for a summer in a small town in northern Vermont to create political art and theater in the unique tradition of what Bread and Puppet is.

Peter Schumann

This will be an engaging portrait of the men and women participants of Bread and Puppet. The filming would focus on the rehearsals and development of pieces as they lead up to be performed before live audiences.The film would also feature portraits of individual participants describing their experiences in the troupe, as well as in-depth portraits of the theater's founders and visionaries Peter and Elka Schumann.

It will also be an inspiring portrait of political theater and performance art resistance in the era of Trump.

The film will also detail the rich 50-year-plus history of Bread and Puppet. Still photos, along with film and video archival footage will be interwoven with recollections by Peter and Elka Schumann, and other past theater participants.

Elka Schuman

The Bread and Puppet Theater is a precious and venerable institution.It is already an inspiration for people around the world.

We feel a new documentary film could be a catalyst to bring Bread and Puppet to an even wider audience and help inspire a new generation of people around the world to become involved in creating progressive political theater troupes where they live.

About the Filmmakers

Executive Producer - Robin Lloyd

Robin Lloyd, director of Green Valley Media (, based in Burlington, Vermont has been making films and videos for 25 years. From her early experimental films to her more recent videos on people's struggles around the world, she has sought to bring social issues to life. Her collaborations with nonprofit organizations such as the Colombia Support Network, Witness for Peace and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom have resulted in the production of documentaries that are used both inside and outside the classroom. She is founding member of the Peace and Justice Center in Burlington, Vermont, and serves on the advisory board of the Vermont International Film Foundation.

Robin extensively filmed the Bread and Puppet pageants in the 1990s, which will provide our documentary with rich archival material. Her films about Bread and Puppet include GATES OF HELL, MEN WITH TEACH, CONVENTION OF THE GODS, BROKEN OFF LETTER AND COLUMBUS AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor - Robbie Leppzer

For the past 40 years, Robbie Leppzer has been making documentary films that chronicle people who stick their necks out to work for positive social change in the world.

Robbie is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker and radio producer who has directed over thirty documentaries over the past forty years. His critically acclaimed feature-length and short documentaries, as well as commissioned television news magazine segments, about contemporary social issues have been broadcast by CNN International, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, HBO/Cinemax, PBS, CNN, Sundance Channel, HDNet, Link TV, Free Speech TV, National Public Radio, and Pacifica Radio.

Leppzer's newest feature-length documentary, POWER STRUGGLE (2017), chronicles the heated political battle to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vermont. Produced over a 7-year period, this documentary is now under consideration for a national PBS broadcast. POWER STRUGGLE received its World Premiere screening in mid-June at the Provincetown Film Festival.

­In 2014, Leppzer co-produced, in association with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation - Japan's public broadcaster and largest television network), a 50-minute Japanese version of POWER STRUGGLE, which was nationally broadcast in Japan.

For more information about POWER STRUGGLE or to watch a film trailer, visit:

For more information on Robbie Leppzer's previous documentaries, visit our Turning Tide Productions website.

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