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The Land of Orange Groves & Jails A Project of Documentaries

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At The Lantern House in Venice - September 23, 2017

Huge thanks to host & Lantern House owner and curator Scott Mayers –
Thanks to harpist Maia - and Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Co+oportunity Market & Deli, Back On Broadway, Trader Joes, Daryl's Chocolate Chip Cookies and Baked Goods, Casablanca for food and snacks

ABOUT THE DOCUMENTARY: Free speech history unfolds in The Land of Orange Groves & Jails when I finally get my great-aunt Yetta to tell me her tale of teenage activism during Los Angeles' 1920s free speech and labor battles. Her arrest for flying a red flag at a summer camp in 1929 resulted in a ten year prison sentence – and her appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court resulted in the Court's first affirmation of free speech rights, Stromberg v California - laying important groundwork for our right to protest and dissent. This is a "David and Goliath" story of my aunt and her friends, teenagers from immigrant families, who stood up for their beliefs and inadvertently helped change the course of 1st Amendment history. At the beginning of our journey Yetta thinks her past isn't important – but by the end of the film we both see how Yetta's story set a powerful example for current activism. The title is taken from a story Upton Sinclair wrote about Yetta's strange trial.

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$2000: A thank you postcard, DVD, and …..A daylong tour for 6 to the site of the camp and related historic sites along the way (includes lunch; date TBD by donor and Judy) – 2 available

$10,000: A thank you postcard, DVD, and… a "Producer" credit

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Thanks to event Co-Hosts: Scott Mayers, Linda Lucks, Cynthia Anderson Barker & Tim Barker, Lee Boek, Jerolyn Crute & David Sackman, Antonia Darder, Jan Goodman & Jerry Manpearl, Marie Kennedy & Chris Tilly, Susan Millman & Steve Clare, Sandy & David Moring, Holly Mosher & Ravi Shah, and Donna Schuele.


At the Lantern House

Here are some responses to test screenings:
From college students:

"I find it remarkable how Yetta saw her efforts as nothing more than what she had to do. Her story helps put things back in perspective for me and makes me wonder what I can do to improve society."

"The courage of these women and men is really something to look at!"

"My first response is WOW! Young activists had such a selfless view. It is very very important and inspiring."

From a professor:
"People talked about your film for months afterwards! One student was so moved that she began rethinking the prejudices of her family toward the past--and present!"

Test Screening at Occupy Los Angeles

About Judy: A first-time filmmaker, Producer/Director Judy Branfman has a broad background in the arts, including working on large character-based mixed-media installation projects about LA's garment workers and labor history, and Boston's history of community development activism – and tapestries for public and private settings. For over 25 years Judy has done arts, educational, planning, and outreach projects with non-profits, unions, and municipalities on gender, labor, immigrant-rights, and other issues. She has taught labor and social justice-related courses at UCLA, produced large community-based events focusing on LA's multi-ethnic and labor history, and loves exploring the SoCal desert.


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