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Gillian, a rebellious artist, visits her friend Cat, who owns a B&B. There, Gillian falls for another guest, sexy southern gentleman, Cointreau. They are hot, hot, hot as they dance the Tango together! But when Cat disappears, Gillian must go in search of her. Love turns into a trapdoor to hell, when Gillian finds herself deep in a dangerous underworld, where Cointreau keeps showing up in all the wrong places. What will Gillian do when she realizes she has fallen in love with a dangerous man?

Producer/Director/Screenwriter, Genevieve Davis is an award-winning filmmaker. She produced, directed, wrote, designed and edited Secret Life, Secret Death, the discovery of the story of a young mother who fell into crime with the Mob in the Prohibition Era. Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune called it, "Visually stunning . . . a haunting story." The docudrama was entirely funded by donations, and brought in more than double its original budget. Secret Life, Secret Death won Best Art Film and Best Costume at film festivals.

Going to the B & B-------------------------------- Falling in Love Tango

The award-winning Director said, "I feel passionate about this new film, Dogged, because I wrote four awesome, complex leads for women, complete with strengths and foibles, whose journey fascinates." I wrote Gillian the rebellious artist, Cat who owns the B & B, Cat's sister Melanie who helps with a sting operation, and Ramona, a Native American cop investigating dog fighting. These are not girlfriend, mom and wife roles. Their value is NOT "determined in relation to the people they bed, marry or birth," to quote Variety in 2015. In the words of Viola Davis, they are "strong, vulnerable, joyful, and… messy." Glamor Magazine wrote in 2017, "People crave stories about women, and these stories can deliver at the box office!" Women directors are, "the future of film," according to the Tribecca Film Festival. Director Genevieve Davis said, "Wouldn't it be great to see real women up on the screen for a change?"

Suspicions ------------------------------One of Three Tangos in the Film

The film also has a strong anti-animal cruelty message. The film will bring the issues of dog fighting to the fore and what happened to the men who dogfight, that they have no compassion for the animals! The United States Humane Society has provided Davis footage of actual dog fighting, which will be used in the final film. You can learn more about the problem at

Genevieve Davis developed the screenplay for Dogged working with John Goodwin of the U.S. Humane Society, the Arkansas Director of the ASPCA, an ex-Milwaukee police officer, another ex-Milwaukee police officer who is part Native American [just like in the film], Carol who owned a B & B in Milwaukee's west side and rescued many dogs, the directors of Wisconsin Humane Societies and pit bull rescue organizations. Many of the incidents in Dogged are things that really happened, such as the story of Orpheus, who is a character in the film, who is the dog that's plucked from the garbage man's arms and rehabilitated.

The Fight -------------------------------------Walking Away

The Director's first film was entirely funded by donations, and brought in more than double it's original budget. This campaign will pay for the lawyer to draft investor documents, a social media intern and partial pre-production costs. Any extra will also go to cover preproduction costs. We're producing Dogged as a SAG Ultra Low, for $250,000, with 10% coming from crowdfunding. The rest will come from investors. Dogged will be shot in October 2018 and released the following year.

"Dogged" is privileged to be chosen for sponsorship by From the Heart Productions, a 25 year old non-profit that supports films that are unique and make a contribution to society. Your donation is tax deductible. Your money goes to the non-profit. They monitor the filmmaker to ensure she is spending the money on the film

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