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KUSAMA : Infinity A Project of Documentaries

The story of avant garde Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's rise and fall and rise again to worldwide recognition!

Kusama - Infinity focuses on Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's relentless determination to break free of the rigid society in which she was raised, and transcend the cultural expectations of the time to bring her artistic vision to the world stage. For decades, her trailblazing work pushed boundaries that often alienated her from her peers and those in power in the art world. Kusama was an underdog with all odds stacked against her: the trauma of growing up in Japan during World War II, life in a dysfunctional family than discouraged her pursuit of art and at one point disowned her, sexism and racism in the art establishment, mental illness in a culture where that was a particular shame, and eventually growing old and continuing to pursue her art while living in a mental health facility. In spite of it all, Kusama has endured and has created a legacy of compelling artwork that spans the disciplines of painting, sculpture, installation art, performance art, poetry, and novels. Now 88 and still living in the mental health facility she has called home for over 40 years, people around the world are experiencing her infinity rooms in record numbers as Kusama continues to create new work every day!

This documentary has been a lengthy labor of love for Director/Producer/Writer Heather Lenz, who originated it, and Producer Karen Johnson who began producing it in 2004. We've filmed Kusama, museum curators, other artists, and the people who have known Kusama through the years and witnessed her return to recognition in the world after over-coming so much adversity in her life. We are finally at a place where opportunity has arrived and we just need to get across the finish line. The film played at Sundance 2018 where Magnolia Pictures acquired the US distribution rights. Because the run up to Sundance was so fast and furious, there is still some fine cutting and fine tuning to do on the picture, the score, the sound edit (fixing levels, dialogue, effects, etc.) and the final titles and graphics. In addition, there is technical format conversion work that has to happen to convert the film to 24P for broadcast distribution, as well as close captioning, subtitle work, etc. We also have to create the final posters and trailers and promo materials for distribution.

The link above goes to a short film about Kusama that we produced from our footage for the Tate Modern when they had a retrospective on Kusama in 2012. Enjoy!

Any amount of help you can provide is important to meeting our goal and much appreciated! The filmmakers have one copy of Kusama's beautifully illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland that was signed by Kusama in our presence as a gift to the film. If anyone is interested and so blessed that they can donate $5000, we will part with this treasure -- however we only have one copy so please reach out in advance if this is you at info@kusamadocumentary.com. Thank you!

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    love yayoi kusama and love this project. happy to help in whatever way i can. good luck!
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    Go Heather!!
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    I'm sure you did an absolutely lovely and artistic job Heather! Looking forward to seeing it!
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    We r rooting for u! Hope this helps a little.
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    So excited to see this finally completed - independent film is a long commitment!
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    Glad to contribute to this effort. The breaking boundaries of space is a risky work. Only a true artist can show what it means. It is interactive.
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    An important film about an important artist!
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    So thrilled for you! Best wishes!
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    I am looking forward to seeing the film - I've been waiting so long for its release!
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    Happy to support your project and can't wait to see it!
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    I hope that we can help get you over the finish line Heather! I can't wait to see this in the theater!
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    Happy to support this ground-breaking documentary on such a fascinating and influential artist!
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    This is a chance to tell the story of an important woman artist, and support the work of a female filmmaker. Very glad to vote with my pocketbook.
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  • Silhouette
    Very happy to support this film!
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    Good luck Heather!