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Soul Freedoms, The Life of John Clarke Movie A Project of Feature Films

126 years before the US Constitution, John Clarke risked treason during tumultuous times to secure Religious Freedom & Civil Liberties from King Charles II for the Colony of Rhode Island.

Based on Actual Events, this is a story about an Unsung Hero for Separation of Church & State.

"The Life of John Clarke, America's Forgotten Patriot" is a Feature Length Historical Drama about one man's unwavering belief that we are all born free with innate "Freedom of Conscience", and his steadfast actions during tumultuous times to petition King Charles II to secure the Charter of 1663 which provided religious and civil freedoms for the Colony of Rhode Island.

This compelling film is written and produced by Andrea M Clarke, 1663 Media Arts, LLC in partnership with From the Heart Productions, Inc.

John Clarke (1609-1676) was a highly educated physician, statesman and Baptist Minister. He came to America seeking freedom to practice his faith without fear, or strict rule under the King. In 1651 Dr. Clarke was arrested, jailed and sentenced to 20 lashes on the whipping post for holding an "unlawful service". He was resonate that no one has the right to govern or convict any person for their religious beliefs. Overcoming personal sacrifices and risk of treason, Dr. Clarke wrote the Royal Charter of 1663 & secured from King Charles II on July 8, 1663 granting Religious and Civil Liberties to the Colony of RI. 126 years before the Constitution of the United States.

Even more astonishing, Dr. Clarke was able to achieve this unprecedented accomplishment through respect, diplomacy, humility and grace never saying an unkind word or negative action towards his adversaries or persecutors.

Dr. John Clarke's story and the film's message will be an inspiration how through heart driven focus and positive action it is possible to live together in peace and prosperity regardless of differing beliefs and without overreaching government interference.

To honor Dr. John Clarke, we are developing a Full Feature Historical Drama based on real events.

We are also writing a Children's Book and Full Chapter Book on Dr. Clarke's life and many accomplishments. Both books will be beautifully illustrated by Michael Dooling, renowned Historical Author and Artist.

Your tax-deductible donation will help to bring Dr. John Clarke out of the historical shadows of Early American History to rightfully honor him and his world changing accomplishments.

Funding for "The Life of John Clarke, True Founder of Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties in America" Illustrated Children's Book and Chapter Book will provide:

  • Complete the cross-reference of 100's of sources with Historical Advisors.
  • Museum quality, life like illustrations and sketches by renowned Historical Author & Illustrator Michael Dooling
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Marketing & Distribution

Our book(s) development budget is $45,000.

Funding for the Full Feature Historical Drama "Soul Freedoms, the Life of John Clarke, America's Forgotten Patriot" Pre-production.

Careful planning within the Pre-production phase increases our film's chances of being made on time and within budget. Some of the tasks your generous donations will fund:

  • Secure a Director and Director of Photography both with Historical Drama and special / visual effects experience.
  • Finalize the Script and Budget
  • Develop the shot list
  • Line up and schedule key actors and film crew
  • Find and secure filming locations
  • Plan for historical wardrobe & line up Set Designer
  • Create Storyboard for the film shoot
  • Historical Props and Rehearsing

Our Pre-production Budget is $175,000. We welcome support from individuals and corporate partners! All donation amounts are helpful and gratefully appreciated!

Quotation of Dr. John Clarke on the frieze of the Rhode Island Statehouse in Providence

Everyone who donates will receive a digital copy of the film one week before worldwide release and a special thank you on the "Path of Freedom" Donors List on the film's website!

The complete film budget forecast is $3.5 million and is being Produced and Distributed as an Independent Film. With your help to fund this most important film, we are working diligently to shoot late summer and early fall 2018 with an early 1st quarter 2019 worldwide release. Executive Producers & Film Investors please contact

Distribution Plan: The film will be available to rent as Video on Demand aka Instant Digital Screening to play on your personal device, computer or television; Private Film Screenings for Large Groups, Places of Worship and Schools with optional Filmmaker Q&A; and "Theatrical On Demand" showings that will organize one-night theatrical screenings in your city once enough tickets have been reserved. DVD's and submissions to International Film Festivals.

Educational Resources: A portion of Funds raised will be allocated to hire a team of historical consultants to develop educational resources that will be free for all to access through 1663 Media Arts, LLC

The majority of filming is proposed to take place within an recreated authentic 17th Century town on the East Coast. *Pending approval to announce location.*

The proposed film site is complete with a working 17th Century full sail ship, church for inside scenes and access to onsite historical consultants and wardrobe.

This is a blessing in allowing for reduced production and post production costs!

For an idea of look and feel of our film, please reference the Historical Drama

More Information:

Did you know Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties were secured on July 8, 1663, over 125 years before the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? It's true, yet very few people know of Dr. John Clarke and his personal sacrifices and risk of treason to secure these Freedoms for the Colony of Rhode Island under the Royal Charter of 1663.

Even more astonishing, Dr. Clarke was able to achieve this unprecedented accomplishment through sincere diplomacy, respectful mediation and non-judgemental communication having never said an unkind word, insulting action or retaliation towards his persecutors or adversaries. In today's political and social climate, we hope Dr. Clarke's story will inspire others how through heart driven focus within each one of us it is possible to live together in peace and prosperity regardless of differing beliefs and without overreaching government interference.

Royal Charter of 1663 Photo -------->>>>>>>>

The charter afforded unique provisions which make it significantly different from the charters granted to the other English colonies. It gave the colonists freedom to elect their own governor and write their own laws, within very broad guidelines, and also stipulated that no person residing in the colony could be "molested, punished, disquieted, or called in question for any differences in opinion in matters of religion."

Filmmaker Statement

Rarely do people speak of or remember peaceful, honorable men and their world changing contributions. As a descendant of Joseph Clarke, Dr. John Clarke's youngest brother, I want to share with the world the importance of John's life, his unwavering commitment to build a Colony(RI) where persons of differing religious beliefs could live together in harmony and welcomed to practice their faith without fear of persecution.

Referencing John's book "Ill Newes from New England" and scores of historical research, our film, a full-feature Historical Drama will bring you into Dr. John Clarke's world and his journey to overcome religious persecution, personal freedoms, sacrifices and risk of treason to secure the Royal Charter of 1663 from King Charles II which granted Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties to the colony of Rhode Island, thereby changing world history.

Love, peace and acceptance of others starts within each one of us. I often wonder, without Dr. John Clarke and his selfless actions, where would we be today with our innate right to be free?

Andrea M Clarke – Writer, Executive Producer

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