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The first step towards world peace is the creation of peace within each individual. In a world torn by strife and stress, yoga is the best answer for harmony within individuals, within families and groups, within societies and finally in the community of nations.

Besides interviews and shooting with yoga practitioners, the film has shooting and interviews done at leading medical institutions in India and Germany who are using yoga in mainstream medicine today.

In South America, the film will depict the role of yoga and meditation in the peace process which has begun in Colombia after a sixty year civil war. It will be seen that yoga is positively affecting the lives of human beings across the globe, from the individual level right up to the creation of peace in the midst of turmoil and violence.

Much of the shooting for the making of this international epic documentary has already been carried out in Japan, Vietnam, India, Germany, USA, Bahamas, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. With additional funding, we hope that we may also be able to shoot in Kenya, Egypt and China. This would help to complete well rounded presentation of yoga and its benefits to people around the world.

As much of the shooting for the 52-54 minute documentary has already been done, the requirement at this stage is for only US $70,000. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY TO THIS WONDERFUL PROJECT THAT WILL BENEFIT ALL!

Below is a list of thank-you gifts:

$50 - $500 – Autographed poster (download) and invitation to the film screening, if shown in the area.

$501 - $2,000 – Autographed poster (download) and copy of the completed film (download).

$2,001 - $4,000 - 18 minute video (download) on some aspects of Yoga and what it really means.

$4,001 and above - 'Art of India' hardback book in two volumes by Benoy K Behl (autographed and written to the person by name) and a copy of the completed film (download).

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Beyond physical well being

S. RAVIJULY 06, 2017 00:00 ISTUPDATED:

Shooting for his documentary Yoga For World Peace in South America, filmmaker Benoy K Behl talks about the far reaching benefits of Yoga

An ardent admirer of Yoga, for Benoy K Behl nothing could have been more rewarding than his recent five-week tour to three South American countries. Describing it as amazing and heart touching, he said, "Having covered Yoga, its teaching and practice in different parts of the world, the experience in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia was truly eye-opening. In Medellin, Colombia it was fascinating to see 300 young people attending free classes being offered at the Botanical Garden as was watching inmates of old people home exercise daily with enthusiasm. The user spectrum is indeed vast, covering men and women, young and old. People are not just fascinated by Yoga's physical and health benefits but beyond as they eagerly embrace spiritual and emotional well being qualities."

The renowned art historian, filmmaker and photographer is at present making a documentary Yoga For World Peace which documents practice and use of this ancient discipline in varied countries. Having shot in India, US, Japan, Germany and Vietnam it was during his stint in Bahamas that he chanced upon Yoga teachers from Colombia. "The visit to South America was on the cards and when I was informed by them that Colombia with nearly seven million victims of violence and trauma had opted for Yoga as a means to heal their fractured and injured society, I decided to explore the South American countries."

Behl's interaction was across a cross section of the society and populace. In Colombia, at the headquarters of the National Police he addressed senior officers. "With their lessons about to commence they were absolutely serious. Leading a hectic professional life, I told them that it will help them concentrate better on their work while at the same time ensure peace of mind. On being informed that Yoga was used by Japanese Samurai warriors in the past for the same purpose, they were impressed."

Just as much law enforcers were keen, Behl found takers of this practice among those on the wrong side of law — juveniles and women prisoners. "At Juvenile Reform Facility located in Colombia's Cali I witnessed inmates scarred by trauma and violence, find solace in Yoga. Interesting it thrilled me to see their lady teacher, Natalia, walking fearlessly among them. It proves how their innate humanness had come to fore." Talking to them, Behl perceived compassion, intelligence and wisdom. "They had many questions about Yoga, my films and travel experiences." The same effect he perceived at the Women's Prison Facility at Brazil's Sao Paulo. "They confided that doing Yoga regularly had brought about quietude and discipline in their life."

At these places Behl observed a great deal of satisfaction on the part of teachers as well as the authorities. "Both sides concurred that while earlier inmates were difficult to control now they had changed for good. It is as if their frame of mind had altered."

Fit and youthful

But these experiences were nothing in comparison to what he saw at an old age home at the Centro Bienstar Del Anciano, Guarne, near Medellin. "With most residents unable to get up and walk, it was a sight to watch them make an effort and do at least simple exercises of stretching their hand and legs. Blanca Baiza, a lady about to turn 100 years was part of the group. They are all instructed by Carlos Dominguez, fit and youthful at 70. Carlos confided that over the past two years he felt their sense of despondency giving way to joy and enjoyment."

Having shot all this for his documentary, Behl says the objective of the film is to spread awareness about the benefits of Yoga and how it is being embraced by people world over. "Delving on its beauty and grace the film will emphasise how it can bring down stress levels and mental and physical ailments which have become widespread due to violence, conflict and exceeding material needs." Targeting the individual, he says it highlights how change in self can bring about a change others making the world a better place to live.

What elates Behl is the fact that Yoga has transcended geographical and man made barriers. "This proves that having evolved for human good, both Yoga and Indian philosophy are not parochial. Teaching peace, Yoga does not in any way clash with one's faith."

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