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story about this widespread epidemic of violence affecting women.

You Are My Sunshine: An Evocative Short Film A Project of Shorts

We need to remove the shame and reshape how we talk about domestic violence.

You Are My Sunshine is narrative short film exploring a day in the life of Shay, a woman trapped in an abusive marriage.

Writer/director Skyler Barrett is joined by producer Tammy Sanchez to bring to life this harrowing and at times surrealistic depiction of domestic violence, the shame and double life it can forces victims to lead, and the cycles that repeat.

Drawing from our own experiences, we are committed to creating this film with a team comprised entirely of women filmmakers. We are inspired by the recent resurgence of the #metoo movement, and want this art to serve as a reminder to women to live their lives and their truths out loud. Over and over while working on this we have heard the same thing: THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME, TOO.


  • A woman is assaulted or beaten every 9 seconds in the United States*
  • One in three women, and one in four men, has been a victim of physical brutality by an intimate partner*
  • 40% of women in California experience physical intimate partner violence, with 70% of cases unreported**
  • Intimate partner violence is considered "the single greatest cause of injury to women" per the Domestic Violence Intervention Program.

These numbers don't even account for global statistics or community-specific numbers. When you start to break these numbers down further by race or socio economic status, they become even more alarming. Something needs to change.

We believe these conversations need to happen in the open and free of shame and stigma in order for real change to occur. We intend this film to help start these conversations, to validate and to honor these stories, and to spread resources and information. To be the change.

More information and resources can be found at these organizations:

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence*

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Peace Over Violence

Good Shepherd Shelter

California Partnership to End Domestic Violence**


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We are very much on schedule for our production dates we have schedule the last week of January 2018. Our producer is donating her Alexa Mini package and comes along with other various gear and resources. Our writer/director has secured the generous support of Beyond My Wildest Dreams production company, which is ensuring we have production insurance and payroll services taken care of. We have found our wonderful Director of Photography, Auden, and secured many of our amazing cast, and crew. We have already received a generous donation of one of our locations and a heavily discounted rate on another potential location, and sourced and priced out gear and reasonable rates for our crew and post production costs, including festivals submission fees to continue our campaign to spread awareness.


We are so excited to create this film with an all woman crew and all women artists, composers, designers, and so forth. We stand behind supporting women artists, technicians, and business owners and have made a commitment to utilize their services as much as we are able, with compensation to the best of our ability. We hope you are as excited as we are to watch our talented team grow see what our collaborative efforts will bring forth.


Skyler Barrett Writer and Director.

An Atlanta native, Skyler relocated to California to study filmmaking at Columbia College Hollywood. Since graduating in 2011, she has directed two short films and created the award-winning dark comedy web series, Reckless Juliets, which she also writes and has directed five episodes.

Tammy Sanchez Producer

Tammy is a freelance filmmaker living in Los Angeles and working in the music video, experimental, and independent film world. A lover of stories and a natural producer and director, she is known for bringing her womanhood and motherhood to filmmaking, resulting in warm, collaborative, and safe set experiences. As a woman who also identifies as bi-ethnic, having invisible disabilities, a survivor of abuse and assault, an advocate, accomplice, activist, and mother, she makes it her mission to tear down all the walls and open the gates of this industry and art form to underrepresented voices like hers. "Mainstream media is taking up too much space with it's one sided storytelling, and I believe the rest of us need to make a ruckus, with our stories, and with the manner in which we tell our stories." You can see her latest release here, a collaboration with her partner and featuring her daughter.

Auden Bui-DP ReelAuden Bui Director of Photography

Auden is a DGA award winning director and cinematographer. Before graduating from USC's School of Cinematic Arts, she received her B.A. from the University of California Berkeley where she won the Eisner Award for Photo-Imaging. At USC, she studied directing while discovering her love for cinematography. In addition to a DGA award, she also received awards from The Caucus Foundation, Irving Lerner Endowment Fund, and the Charles and Lucille King Foundation for her M.F.A. thesis, The Lost City of Tomorrow. She has experience shooting internationally in China, HK, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Antarctica.


Shawn Kathryn Kane

Shawn Kathryn Kane Shay

Shawn Kathryn Kane is a graduate of the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School and New York University's TISCH School of the Arts, currently studying in Los Angeles with Ivana Chubbuck. She works with NYC- and LA-based theater company The Common Tongue, which has collaborated with such artists as Edward Albee, Wendy MacLeod and Lucy Thurber.

Shawn grew up playing soccer and running track - a lot. Eventually, she switched her athletic focus and became a certified yoga instructor.

Shawn grew up in Staten Island. Luckily she doesn't speak with the accent; even more luckily, she can do it and other accents at will.

She's from a multicultural family and speaks some Spanish and German.

Shawn currently works in both Los Angeles and New York City.

Dylan John Seaton Charlie

Dylan John Seaton is an actor from San Diego, California. After receiving his degree in Theatre from UC San Diego, Dylan made his film debut as Pvt. Henderson in the Vietnam War-era film "Faith of Our Fathers". In 2011, he broke into television playing serial killer Richard Trenton Chase, "The Vampire of Sacramento", in the made-for-TV biopic "Lore: Deadly Obsession". Chase was the first of five different real life criminals that Dylan has portrayed on stage and screen to date. In 2013, Dylan took on the lead role in "Carry On Only", which was a Short Film Selection at the San Diego Film Festival. Two years later he recurred on Season 3 of Freeform's "The Fosters" as the dubious Joe Olsen. Dylan has worked regularly in comedy sketches on and has been featured in dozens of other projects, including plays, shorts, features, commercials, television series, and web series. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Matthew Domenico Kevin

Matthew Domenico is a USMC Veteran and an L.A. based actor graduating from NYC's Marymount Manhattan College, earning his BA in theater performance. Some career highlights for him include performing on off broadway, regularly performing in regional theaters across the country, and appearing in film/tv. Matthew recently moved to Los Angeles, and has been booking both film and theater projects.

Sarah Jane D'arcy Corey

Born in Illinois, raised in Los Angeles, and Williamsburg, Virginia. Sarah Jane's nationality is Irish. With her father born and raised in Dublin, Ireland she is first generation here in the U.S. She is not only an actor, but has been a singer since she learned how to talk, and is now practicing hip hop. Sarah Jane also has a yellow belt in martial arts (Krav Maga) and practices yoga. You can find her playing her character Evie Raspberry in the award-winning web series Reckless Juliets. Also, guest starring in radio podcast The Archivist, and a women empowering PSA entitled The Courage Series.

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