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Never Giving Up...

We just got back from traveling across the nation collecting stories of people who have triumphed over traumatic events and are now thriving! We were touched and inspired by the people we met, and captured more stories than we expected. We have received an incredible amount of support, positive feedback, and found even more uplifting stories along the cross-country journey that need to be in the spotlight.

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We have received so much positive feedback from our community and we are expanding the project, and looking to take this vision world-wide. Any amount is appreciated! Let's create and share a story for a better word. One story at a time.

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Why Stroke of Genius...

20 years ago, Kyle Mengelkamp suffered a severe brain aneurysm that required him to relearn everything... after the trials, tribulations, and adversity, he found happiness. But it's not that way for everyone. Millions of people who have traumatic events struggle from day to day, fight the battles, and often give up. It takes support, love, and inspiration to motivate people in similar situations to continue to move forward.

#StrokeofGenius is here to provide that by creating a docu-series and video platform online where people can share their success stories and inspire others who are struggling right now.

What We're Up To...

We just got back from our journey across the US! We set out to capture 5 stories, then expanded it to 8. We met Jesse, who had a heart transplant at age 16, John, who ran a 5k 1 year after a stroke, and Justin a magician who lost his sight at age 10... and many more unstoppable amazing individuals. We shot for 14 days across America, form NY to Tennessee, to Texas, to Denver, the Grand Canyon, Palm Springs, LA, Santa Barbara, and Seattle Washington. We captured over 100 hours of footage of our adventure, our journey, and unique stories. These people have turned their hardship around to make a successful and happy life.

Now, its time for us to share it with the world. We are hitting the editing room, planning on capturing more stories, and beginning to create an online platform for people to share stories of their own!

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To all of you who have supported this project so far, THANK YOU! We can't wait to share what we have captured with you, it's going to be epic!


Kyle, Liam & Tammy

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    What you guys are doing is so amazing! keep it up!