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Since our multi award winning film came out in 2015. we have worked tirelessly to bring our message of climate change to the world. First through our film, next with a companion book in which selected interviews from the film were further explored and now Music 2 Heal The Earth aka M2Heal. We are developing M2Heal to bring the climate change message even bigger by encompassing a talented group of conscious musicians who care deeply about our planet. Inspired by our Documentary, We Know Not What We Do, we seek to go further in our reach with a documentary of the M2Heal journey which will chronicle the projects live events in multiple countries. Please join us on this road to healing Mother Earth. Lately, she has truly shown her power. Let us show her ours by giving back.

Above is a partial list of our esteemed Musicians who have generously donated their talents to support M2Heal and the healing of our planet. Plans are well underway to have our first of many LIVE events around the world in Los Angeles for Earth Day 2018. We'll follow up with another US live event in Fall, followed by European venues in 2019. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE THROUGH THE ARTS! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Below are the voices - Actors, Spiritual Leaders and Climate Change Influencers who are here to lend their voice and celebrity to bringing harmony and balance to our world. BE a voice with us. Support M2Heal's vision to heal the world, one song at a time. We NEED everyone to see that earth needs us more than ever.

We Know Not What We Do - Multi-Award winning Documentary and Companion Book

Recently released on Amazon Prime, We Know Not What We Do is an inspirational call for humanity to make a moral and spiritual shift in the way we live on this planet, and treat each other.. if we do not choose to be extinct.

The companion book delves deeper into the interviews from the movie and the powerful conversations that continue to need awareness if we are to survive a world our future generations can live in.

Your support and funds will allow us the ability to get the film and book out to those groups and educators who want to use We Know Not What We do as a learning tool. Your generous support will provide that opportunity to market further our message to those who will invite themselves to listen and be that choice. Thank you for being that person. We are grateful.

Thank you,

The We Know Not What We Do/M2Heal team of caring and passionate individuals

P.S. If you choose to mail a check for your tax deductible donation, please mail to From the Heart Productions: 1455 Mandalay Beach Rd. Oxnard, Ca 93035 . Check is written to From The Heart Productions with M2Heal in the Memo Line OR We Know Not What We Do, depending on your direction of donation. Thank you again. It's truly appreciated.

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