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Fox Grim uses the fox as a lens to observe Iceland’s changing environment and culture.

Fox Grim A Project of Documentaries

In Iceland, fox hunting is as much pest control as it is cultural practice. We plan to observe the Arctic fox in the wild, in the lab and through the hunting scope, to see what the species can tell us about the rapid cultural and environmental changes that have swept through the nation.

Along the coasts, there are years where dead birds can wash ashore by the hundreds, and there are unusually high mercury levels in the foxes that eat these birds. Overseas pollutants are poised to disrupt the sensitive ecosystem along the coasts of Iceland, just as overseas tourism has begun to change their way of life.

At the center of it all sits the Arctic fox, a barometer for the pressures that are pushing the environment and the culture in a new direction. We will meet the hunters who make that research possible by donating fox carcasses to science. Each hunter pursues the fox to meet different ends, from protecting eider duck farms to collecting the standard government bounty, but at least one of them has traded their rifle for a camera in order to meet the growing tourist market for fox photography.

Our team's researcher will work in the lab of the country's lead fox biologist, Dr. Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir, as they to understand the impact that mercury pollution has had on the species. Because the people and the foxes eat many of the same foods, what they find could have far-reaching implications.

Our endeavors will create not only a documentary, but publishable research findings that will help us better understand the impact of pollutants. We are in the unique position of facilitating and supporting science, and in an era of defunded research this project feels particularly relevant.

Our fundraising event is at Saucebox in downtown Portland, OR from 7-10PM on January 27th.

If you wish to purchase a ticket please visit here. Tickets include a dinner at Saucebox and specialty drinks will be available for purchase. We will have a silent auction for several items and a raffle for outdoor equipment from US Outdoor.

For more information, visit, or find us on Instagram or Facebook @grimfoxthemovie

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