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Latina Owned chronicles and explores the paths of two Latina women in New York City who defy cultural and societal conventions when they decide to open/run their own businesses. They redefine what Latinas can achieve.

Latina Owned, A documentary film by M. Trevino A Project of Documentaries

Latina Owned is set against a backdrop in which Latina women over all face profound social exclusion and injustice, issues that are ingrained in today’s politics and interfamilial relations. This film motivates Latinas to enact change in them.

About the director, M. Trevino:

M. Trevino has been directing and editing documentaries for over two decades, and the focus of his work has been to give voice and visibility to those often ignored by mainstream media. Mr. Trevino is an active participant of in the Latino Community where he was worked as a film educator and mentor to young Latinos filmmakers at Maysles Documentary Center and Tribeca Film Institute. Latina Owned is an extension of his work in media and his deep roots in the Latino Community in the U.S.

His interest in Latinas' place in U.S. society is a personal one which stems from seeing how his sisters struggled to be taken seriously as professionals and how they were never valued as much as Latino men in the Latino Community. In 2014 he came across a CDC report which stated the Latina Teens in the U.S. have the highest rate of suicide attempts compared to other teenage girls in this country. This shook him to his core. Rather than make a film about this CDC report and focus on the problem, he wanted to make a film about Latinas who had faced these socio-political adversities and had found a way to overcome/navigate them. He wanted to present those Latinas that chose to define their lives in their own terms and focus on working to achieve their own success.

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For the past three years we have been filming and have covered cost using our funds and those of small donations from family and friends. We have exhausted our resources and now need your help.

Your contributions to Latina Owned will go to covering expenses associated with the last year of production, and post-production for this feature-length documentary. The costs include equipment rental, hiring key crew members, travel expenses, editing, color grading, music composer and sound mix. For more information about the film go to

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