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Born to Heal: The Holistic Veterans Documentary

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Born to Heal - The Holistic Veterans Documentary - Veteran Yoga

An epic journey of healing, transformation, and redemption for 12 veterans recovering from PTSD and other physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds of war, at a holistic healing center in the jungles of Costa Rica called Home Farm.

An innovative veteran-run organization called Holistic Veterans has a solution and a new mission for Veterans:


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Healing Modalities Include:

Holistic Counseling
Energy Healing, Reiki, Chi Kung, Tai Chi
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Art & Music Therapy
Sound Healing
Adventure Therapy
Permaculture / Sustainable Living
Nature Therapy
Community Building
Neurolinguistic Programming, Spiritual Psychology, Manifestation Techniques
Shamanic Healing, Indigenous Plant Medicine

We will follow the 12 veterans in their daily lives and struggles in America before heading to Costa Rica, profiling 3 special vets who will be the focus of the film. Our vets face challenges of addiction, homelessness, joblessness, family dysfunction, trauma, depression, and hopelessness. They are unable to get the help they need here at home, and Veterans are dying waiting for the V.A. to help them.
Our veterans will leave their lives back home and head into the jungles of Costa Rica for a 1 month intensive healing program. We will have an intimate look at their inner world, their challenges and triumphs, their epiphanies and breakthroughs, and ultimately their healing.

Western Medicine tends to segment everything about us into different specialties. Their is a doctor for the heart, one for the mind, one for the eyes, etc. Holistic Medicine believes we must treat the whole person in order to achieve true, sustainable healing. Sometimes a problem in the physical heart may come from a wound in the emotional heart.
Holistic Veterans helps to heal veterans Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit. Beyond that, we provide them skills and opportunities to build happy, sustainable lives for themselves and their families.
Born to Heal - The Holistic Veterans Documentary - Successful Design for Healing

Check out this Article about Holistic Veterans Founder Paul Damon -

He is a truly remarkable human being who is providing true healing and new lives for veterans.

Support a New Mission for Veterans: HEALING

Your support will go to the creation of a ground-breaking film as well as the continued advancement of a program that changes the lives of Veterans and their Families. We believe that if the Warriors can be Healed and become the Healers, then we can Heal the World. The warriors will lead the way for all of us.

Please support a worldwide veteran healing movement with a tax-deductible donation, and be a part of creating something special and meaningful.

Join Us in Costa Rica and Belize!!

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