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I Missed My Train A Project of Documentaries

An identical twin, wife, actress, singer and now scholar and video creator – I've had many adventures within my life. Having spent fifteen years as a performer I'm thrilled to now bring that passion and experience to the field of documentary film. History, gender studies and media all overlap within the creative space I enjoy working within. The unique and circuitous journey I've taken includes work at international film markets, a position with 20th Century Fox studios and experience as a Seattle Underground tour guide, including an appearance on Anthony Bourdain's TV show The Layover. I was the recipient of a Mary Gates grant for "Women as Warriors", a cross-cultural examination of four women's journeys through the traditionally masculine confines of the world of Lucha Libre.

Then, in 2013, I met my business partner Michael Kleven. We formed a partnership to create documentary style content with a commercial aesthetic under the Heartstone Studios umbrella. We are thrilled to have worked with luminaries such as renowned glass blowing artist Preston Singletary and game world guru Peter Adkison.

Our dedication towards sharing the passion and talent of others with the world is why we make documentary films. We want to connect the world one story at a time and help facilitate understanding. Our motto is: Education and preservation through art.

I Missed my Train has a very special place in my heart. Not only because engaging the public with the importance of history is very meaningful for me but also because Ernst is like a family member to me.

Ernst went to high school with my father when he was part of a foreign exchange program in the 1950s. They kept in touch all throughout the intervening years. Although we knew he was in the war, we didn't truly find out about his life-changing experiences as a hidden child until he wrote his memoirs in 2010.

Now, Michael and I are truly honored to be able to tell his story. We hope to create an important movement around the preservation and educational outreach of these types of memories along with the historical context surrounding them.

We have already successfully finished production in Holland. Now, we are raising funds for special live action silhouette sequences that will illustrate the reenactments of his memories and then, post-production.

Help us reach our goals and be a part of preserving history!

Elke Hautala

Director -- I Missed My Train


Our distribution plan includes three key areas:

Select festivals in the circuit

Educational screenings (through our own event coordination, contact with key hosts from interested organizations and an educational distributor)

Public TV/European network screening

Once post-production is finished we will move into our screenings at select festival and educational screenings. The University of Washington, Hollandsche Schouwburg, Verzetsmuseum, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Anne Frank Center USA have all expressed an interest in screenings and archived copies.

Finally, we will create the necessary elements to work with an educational distributor through DVD's, classroom viewings, speaking engagements and collaborative lesson plans. Companies such as Ro*co Films Educational and Icarus Films will be our target in addition to working with an educational speaker's agency such as Seattle based Samara Films. We will also pursue the public television market (KCTS, ITVS, PBS) in the US as well as comparable European markets (stations such as Holland Doc 24 and RTV NH).


Summer 2016

Reenactment filming of Ernst's memories (8 scenes)

*We will be utilizing a unique and creative silhouette or stop motion graphics technique to give the scenes a dark, gothic quality from a child's POV.

Fall into early 2017

Post-production – editing, sound, color correction and graphics

*We already have an accomplished editor and composer lined up. We have several possible post-production houses that we've approached to potentially work with as well.

Spring 2017

Distribution and marketing phase for festival and educational screenings

Summer into Fall 2017

Coordination with Public television here and abroad for potential broadcast


We are currently in the final stages of production for I Missed My Train and there are many ways that you can help!

We have four main areas that we are looking for support in:


Right now we are raising funds with the goal of shooting 8 scenes from Ernst's memoir of his early childhood in a soundstage in Seattle with local performers and artists. This will be a truly homegrown cross-collaborative arts effort involving painting, dance/movement, film and computer effects to bring his experiences to life.

We need not only tax-deductible donations for our budget of $8,000 but also…

*1940's clothing/props (ask for specifics)

*Connections to dance or movement troupes (we have a choreographer lined up)

*In kind donations of food for on set (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks including beverages)


Social media and marketing are integral to the success of I Missed My Train. The more people we can reach, the more people we can engage with our mission of preserving history. We are currently running a campaign to promote donations for our reenactments especially for the month of April. Then we'll be running one for post-production with dates TBA. Then we will be spreading the word about screenings and festival appearances once we've completed the film!

*Join our e-mail list by sending an e-mail with I Support Ernst to us at

*Become a key social media supporter! We provide the details and you add your personal touch. You pledge to help contact ten friends, colleagues or associates and make one post a week on the social media of your choice (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram).

*In Kind donation of publicity or marketing (online/print/radio/TV).

*Contacts with the media for potential stories or support.

*Host a fundraising party! We are passionate about history and preserving important stories. If you are too, let's plan an event together. We would love to have a private screening with special footage for you and your friends with the filmmakers in attendance to help raise funds to finish the film.


We have an incredible editor and composer already lined up and some great leads on visual FX artists for a title sequence. We need your help to get them working!

*Tax-deductible donations for our post-production budget of $15,000.

*In kind donations of archival footage.

*In kind donations of high quality post audio.

*In kind donations of transcription of our footage.


We can't wait to show this incredible film and we want you to be a part of it!

*We need partner organizations and locations for future educational screenings and multimedia events.

*Recommendations on survivors who would be willing to publicly share their stories at these events.

About US...


We combine the heart (beautiful visuals of narrative film) and stone (solid storytelling from documentary) of filmmaking to bring truly memorable content with an aim of engaging and educating.

We want to share the passion and integrity of unique stories from around the world.

Our films include:

A Modern Creation Story profiling renowned glass blowing artist Preston Singletary. An official selection of the Local Sightings Film Festival.

From Fiasco to Film: The Allure of Story Gaming with gaming guru turned filmmaker Peter Adkison.

Women as Warriors, a transnational look at the feminist perspective of lucha libre (Mexican free wrestling).

Beautiful Woman, a narrative exploration of a woman's transition from crisis to self-realization. Winner of Best Picture and Best Cinematography at the SCC Film Festival.

Marcell, an official selection and silver medalist at the Park City Film Music Festival

Solving the Quantum Riddle, an official selection for the Local Sightings Film Festival

Heartstone clients have included: Washington State Jewish Historical Society, Playwrights Theater, Cirque Literary Journal, Washington Access Fund. The filmmakers at Heartstone have worked on projects for clients including: Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, ABC Television, The Discovery Channel, and the Seattle Channel.

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