Help Luke and his production team create a film which inspires people to overcome life's obstacles and create awareness about rugby's culture, community and the game's re-induction into the Summer Olympic Games in 2016.

Scrum of the Earth is a feature length documentary film about the accepting nature of the rugby community, the game itself and Team USA olympic athletes who have overcome great adversity to represent their country on international sport's largest stage.

Scrum of the Earth A Project of Documentaries

Scrum of the Earth is a one-of-a-kind documentary offering a firsthand glimpse into the world of rugby through the eyes of players, coaches, and fans.

After garnering an international following throughout centuries of play, rugby is finally being reinstated into the 2016 Olympics, offering the United States a chance to seize the gold.By evaluating a global sport through exclusive interviews and footage of players like Kingsley McGowan, Scrum of the Earth hopes to bring this tight-knit community to a larger audience so that the wider population may come to appreciate the physical and mental intensity of the sport.

It's inevitable for people to have physical disabilities such as Kingsley's or worse, but this doesn't mean they should let anything hold them back! We think Kingsley's incredible story might inspire those who might not have the confidence to pursue their dreams.

With the reinstatement of rugby at the upcoming 2016 Olympics (after an almost-100 year gap), there is no better time to highlight the stories of rugby players like Kingsley and Georgia who are playing one of the most misunderstood yet fastest-growing sports in the world. Scrum of the Earth intends to increase awareness and support for rugby and to motivate people of all ages to play.

The gender equality gap is continuing to disappear and rugby is one of the movement's biggest catalysts. Men's and women's rugby is the same sport, meaning rugby women experience the same type of contact and play by the same rules, and this is how we believe it should be! This is why we've dedicated about 40% of the story to promoting women's rugby and the girls who represent this amazing community. Many people think rugby is brutal, particularly for a women's sport, and this is just false. The control and safety of the sport deserved to take center stage, especially as it's another chance for ladies to shine on the Olympic stage!

More than half of the content has been filmed or collected so we are on track for release in 2016. We are currently on the road, filming clubs, tournaments, and interviews with players, coaches, and veterans of the sport.

With our crew's expansive international rugby network, extensive experience with the game, success completing and distributing projects and inspiration from quality films such as "The U", "Champs", and "Invictus", the only barrier stopping us from delivering a quality film to you are the funds.

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