Film is completed and we need to get the word out!

Support our youth by inspiring them…LONGSHOTSVILLE Small Town. Big Dreams.

LONGSHOTSVILLE Small Town. Big Dreams. A Project of Documentaries

Walk-In-Productions is seeking funds of $4,000 for support of the marketing aspects of our Longshotsville film project.

A self-created family of actors emerge from a community theatre in the quirky artist town of Taos, New Mexico. Taking their passions to the next level is going to take humor, courage and more than a little small-town heart.

Longshotsville is currently completed and we are now at the crucial stage of getting it out to as many venues as possible. The Longshotsville funds will make a difference in the lives of youth ranging from twelve to twenty-eight years of age (our films target market). The funds will be used to submit to film festivals nationwide and globally, an interactive website, DCP for Film Festivals and DVD duplication.

I currently work as a Media Assistant with high-risk middle schoolers teaching media and alcohol & drug awareness. Working with high-risk youth in Taos, I believe now more than ever that films which inspire our youth to reach for their dreams is vital to sustaining a healthy, vibrant global community. Longshotsville is such a film.

The intention of this film is to foster humanistic values, of oneness and harmony. To inspire youth to explore their bliss.

Our new film trailer (located at was posted just five days ago and we have already had over 600 people who have watched it.


Jody McNicholas, Director & Producer


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