Filmed in a secret location in the Philippines, The Long Rescue offers an intimate look into the lives of girls rescued from human trafficking.

We are also training the girls to film and edit their own stories

The Long Rescue A Project of Documentaries

We are a year into our three year production process, following teens who are rebuilding their lives after exploitation and sex trafficking. This film is a rare look into the struggles of survivors who usually choose to cloak their identities. But these girls and young women are taking the brave step to share their stories with the world. They are full of love, hope, and in spite of their difficult pasts, laughter.

In May we'll be returning to My Refuge House, the home for the rescued girls and young women, to do phase 2 of our participatory video training --editing! We'll be needing donations of laptops, software, and hard drives, as well as support for our film crew.

The girls have loved the film training. They also feel its important to share their stories, with the belief that by exposing their experiences, it will help others on the road to recovery, inspire more rigorous action against traffickers and johns, and contribute to change for the next generation. You can learn more about our film and sign up for updates at, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we are @climbermedia.

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